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Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer

After Batman Returns was released, Warner Brothers announced that there was going to be a Catwoman spin-off film with Michelle Pfeiffer reprising her role as Selina Kyle and Tim Burton was going to direct the film.


Daniel Waters wrote the script. The story opened with Selina stumbling with her gunshot wounds in the snowy alleys of Gotham. Selina then travels to sunny Oasisburg (DC version of Los Vegas) to rest and recover. Selina discovers a local group of annoying male superheroes and decides derail their activities as Catwoman.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Tim Burton didn't like the script Daniel Waters wrote
  2. The story and characters had nothing to do with recognizable DC Comics lore
  3. Tim Burton went to work on The Nightmare Before Christmas.


  • The film is cancelled for more than a decade.
  • Producer Denise DiNovi stayed with the project until it was eventually made in the form of the 2004 Razzie Award winning film Catwoman with Halle Berry.