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Over the years, various movies have been announced by the studios, directors and or various other people involved in the making of the movie. However, all of these movies on this page have been cancelled for various reasons and will remain shelved or the elements from the cancelled movie were formed into another movie or have been revived by a different or same company.

Rules and Guidelines

Before joining, please read and follow these rules before posting:

  1. Please give the title of film, type out out four headings: Plot, an explanation that reads Why It Was Cancelled (without a question mark at the end), and explain what The Result for one reason or Results were if there are more than one reasons for the film's cancellation. Cast listing is optional and Trivia is optional as well. Production is optional too. The layout for the cancelled film should look like this:
    Page layout
  2. For the Why It Was Cancelled reasons, please put hashtags at the beginning of the cancellation statements.
  3. For the result reasons, please put asterisks at the beginning of the result and or results statements. If there is more than one result following whatever film's cancellation reasons, please type out Results.
  4. Give accurate reasons and full reasons why these films were attempted to be made, but were unfortunately cancelled (for good films) or fortunately cancelled (for bad films).
  5. Please don't post upcoming films on here! This page is for REAL cancelled films only. To add to that, NO fan-fiction (for example: The Black Cauldron 2, Point Break 2, Cars 4, The Santa Clause 4, Melody Time 1990, The Amazing Spider-Man 4, The Room 2 or a live-action My Life as a Teenage Robot!) I want this site to be accurate and honest. Also, copying and pasting information from other websites is forbidden! Plagiarizing a page is against the law (and rules of this website), if it turns out the page or pages were plagiarized, you won't be invited back here at all. I will delete any page that was plagiarized.
  6. Please, do not act ask or state when or if a certain film on here will be released in a certain future year (eg. Treasure Planet 2 (2025)!
  7. Please be nice to each other.
  8. Please, remember that I am the head of this site and I make the rules.
  9. Childish comments are not welcome here (eg. I need a time machine to get (name of studio) to release (name of film) or threatening to enslave the studio and all of the other users who have posted childish comments on here before (eg. "I will not quit throwing a fit over [whatever film]")! Also, please do not say "Sorry about the sequel to (name of whatever film)!"
  10. NO Swearing/profanity. If ANY profanity is found, you will be banned temporarily. If it keeps going on, you're not welcome back to this page.
  11. Please use proper grammar and make all of the statements make sense.
  12. Death threats or threatening another user will result in a permanent ban.
  13. Please, be formal, as always.
  14. Feel free to express interest on if the film were ever made and express how you'd feel if these films ever came to surface if you want to, that is optional.
  15. All users here need to be registered. Unregistered users or guest users are not welcome.
  16. Please, do not post a rumored cancelled film like Back to the Future Part IV, The Black Cauldron 2, Oliver and Company 2, a live-action My Life As A Teenage Robot, Speed 3, A Troll in Central Park 2 or Smokey and the Bandit Part 4, Chicken Little: The Ugly Duckling Story, Broken Arrow 2, The Fox and the Hound 3, because there were never any plans for those films! I've done research on a majority of these films and none of them were going to be made, please put some or all of those pages on Idea Wiki or Rumored Movies Wiki!
  17. Please, do not add a fan made film (one that does not exist, whether it be from Idea Wiki or wherever)!
  18. Please, do not post a page that already exists!
  19. Please, do not perseverate (talk about the same thing over and over in an annoying way).
  20. Please, be calm about a film being cancelled.
  21. Please, do not submit new categories. I make the decisions over whether there should be one or not.
  22. Please, do not whine, cry, throw fits, go on tangents and or complain about films (especially sequels) being cancelled or just be whiny in general. If you whine, throw a fit, cry and or complain about any films, I will delete every comment on every page that I or someone else submitted. I especially do not want to hear "So and so (as in certain name of film eg. "The Jungle Book 3 would be epic.")
  23. Please, do not post clip art or fan art! If real posters for that certain film were made, they are allowed on here as long as they are real.
  24. If there are any printed posters for the film, please insert real ones. We do not allow fan posters here, especially from DeviantArt!
  25. Unused opening title cards are allowed.
  26. Please, do not post sex-related comments (eg. There should be more lesbians in Basic Instinct 3). Any sex related comments on this page will be deleted.
  27. If you have any questions or comments to make, you are free to do so!
  28. Please, do not ask questions like "What if (whatever film) was made by (whatever studio)?" That is very irritating and inappropriate.
  29. Please, do not create "cancelled films" category!
  30. No shoving agendas down the page!
  31. Do not add events on here like World Wrestling Entertainment events. That has NOTHING to do with this page.
  32. No linking pages to Wikipedia!
  33. If there are any trailers for the films on here, please do not post fan made ones!
  34. No question marks at the end of the world "cancelled"!
  35. No capitalizing every letter in each word!
  36. Please, do not add films that were delayed! Cancelled films only!
  37. Before creating a new category, please consult with me, GameBoyAdvance2000, or Silverpie2 first!
  38. Do not submit false information about all of the films on here.
  39. Please, do not post comments that read things like "Hate you [Whatever user on this wiki].", "You suck!" etc. those comments are so mean, inappropriate and rude to people.
  40. Please, do not add original cuts of various films (eg. Richard Donner Cut of Superman II). This is for full-length films only!
  41. Please, do not ask personal questions like where other users live, political views, or any other personal question that does not concern you or other users.
  42. This site is not a petition site to urge studios to make the films that are on here.
  43. Do not add the words "cancelled" or "unreleased" next to the film's title.
  44. Please do not state whatever year (2016 or whatever other year) was not a good year, because that is not appropriate on here and has nothing to do with this site.
  45. Do not give out your sexual orientation.
  46. Please, do not put deleted scenes information on here.
  47. Have fun learning about all of these films that got cancelled or was never finished!

Miraheze version

On March 27, 2021, MarioMario456 (an admin on Crappy Games Wiki and Awful Movies Wiki) created the Miraheze version

Cancelled Games Wiki

On August 12, 2017, Spongebuff1991 is proud to announce a new page called Cancelled Games Wiki. The page is currently under construction, but is now open to the public.

Rumored Movies Wiki

In February 2018, Spongebuff1991 created a page called Rumored Movies Wiki where users can submit films that have rumored to be in the making for years, but were not going to be made at all.
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