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CAR 2009 Jul27 00153.jpg

Calling All Robots was going to be a 3D computer-animated motion-capture sci-fi Adventure Film by Walt Disney Pictures and ImageMovers Digital. The film was going to be directed by Michael Dougherty.


In a world where giant monsters have been in conflict with humanity since the 1950s, a boy seeking to avenge his father seeks to become part of the program of giant robots that defend humanity, though his grandfather warns him not to become bloodthirsty against the beasts. Eventually, he discovers that the rise in monster attacks was manipulated by the general in charge of the robot program as a means of becoming a war hero, with the monsters aggression having been manipulated by tracker tags. The boy and his friends seek to expose the general and allow humans and monsters to more peacefully co-exist.

Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Simon Wells' Mars Needs Moms flopped at the box office.
  2. Disney shut down ImageMovers Digital.


  • The film was permanently cancelled.