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Note: This film is not to be confused with the 1973 documentary film of the same name, which was also about Charles Bukowski. Also, please do not add "Franklin Ruehl died in November 2015." because this was before his death.

Bukowski was a biographical drama film about author and poet Charles Bukowski based on his semi-autobiographical novel Ham on Rye. It was going to be directed and written by actor James Franco and produced by Franco and Vince Jolivette's production company Rabbit Bandini Productions. Josh Peck was attached to star as Charles Bukowski. Production began in 2013 and the film was originally scheduled to be released in 2014 or sometime in the 2010s.


According to IMDb, the film would have focused on Charles Bukowski's formative years from childhood to high school and his struggles with an abusive father, disfiguring acne, alcohol addiction, and his initial attempts at writing.


  • Josh Peck as Charles Bukowski

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. A lawsuit involving the film rights for Charles Bukowski's novel Ham on Rye halted the film's production.


  • The film was shelved permanently, and it will likely never be released.