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In the late 1990s, the late animation studio Pacific Data Images was shopping around many pitches for a computer animated film; one of which they whom planned to stir soon enough with a collaboration from DreamWorks was a film called Bugs: Lights Out.[1][2]The film was to be directed by Pacific Data Images' founder Carl Rosendahl.[3][4]


The film tells the story about microscopic insect-like robots who were responsible for the entropy of electronics and machinery.


  • Glenn McQueen as Smack

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. The idea was scrapped when the studio was picked up by DreamWorks Animation themselves to instead make Antz in 1995 through 1998.


  • The film was permanently cancelled.
  • Like aforemetioned, DreamWorks instead made the film Antz for their studio prior to the creation of the studio itself, and becoming of their first films in history which finally managed to get released in late October 2, 1998. The film received mixed reviews regarding the amount of cringe jokes surrounding most scenes but the nice animation of the film is right down-the-tie good.
  • The film stays as it is today.



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