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Broadway Brawler is an unfinished 1997 romantic comedy film that was to star Bruce Willis and Maura Tierney and be directed by Lee Grant. It was co-produced by Bruce Willis and Joseph Feury for Cinergi Pictures and was to have been distributed by The Walt Disney Company.

Other cast members included Daniel Baldwin (as "Matt"), Alex Boyd (as a flashback, younger version of "Matt"), Jenifer Lewis, and Casey Moses Wurzbach, though it is unclear how much, if any, of their scenes were shot at the time the production folded.

The film was to be entirely shot in Feury's home town of Wilmington, Delaware.


Eddie Kapinsky (Bruce Willis), a has-been retired professional ice hockey player, starts up a relationship with a character played by Maura Tierney. The film was ostensibly to have been a sporty comedy in the same vein as the previous year's Jerry Maguire.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. After approximately two years of pre-production as well as 20 days of principal photography, the production was halted owing to the acrimonious environment on set. Willis was dissatisfied with the performance of multiple members of the crew, including cinematographer William A. Fraker, wardrobe designer Carol Oditz, director Lee Grant, and Willis's co-producer (and Grant's husband) Joe Feury, all of whom were terminated along with several other members of cast and crew.
  2. As more than half of the film's $28 million budget had already been spent, Willis brought on director Dennis Dugan to try to carry on. However, production folded before Dugan would be able to shoot any scenes. The agents of the other actors publicly expressed a belief that these actors would be paid in full, regardless of the folding of production; they later were reported to have reached an amicable settlement.


  • The film was permanently cancelled all together.