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In the mid-to-late 2018's, a sequel for the 2017 action crime film Bright was reported to be in development by Overbrook Entertainment and Netflix.

However, production was revealed to be cancelled, along with the whole development shutting down on April 21, 2022. The first one to report this news was website What's On Netflix. See the info here.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Will Smith eventually struck Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars for controversy. He said he wanted his films due now and not sometime far because he has a overload of things to do.
  2. There were many stressful scheduling conflicts.
  3. David Ayer left the project as a director because he finally had enough of the amount of delays.


  • The sequel for Bright was permanently cancelled.
  • Besides this film's cancellation, some other projects such as Pole to Pole and Top Gun Maverick were delayed in the same month the cancellation for the sequel was announced.
  • Bright remained as one film.