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Blockos! was going to be a 2D animated superhero film, planned, directed and written by TCOB (the artistic name of Mexican Dorian D. Reyes). Based on an independent/homemade comic book of the same name, created by Dorian and a couple of his buddies who sat down one night to make a comic book to have a good time.  Dorian's buddies created several of the characters in the comic, in turn, these buddies would have been consultants on the story and character design.


In a world full of fantasy and madness, called Blockopolis, the planet had a legendary war, where several nations emerged and clashed, when the war ended, the leaders of these decided to divide the territories of the planet in 6 to keep everyone safe, these being: The Citadel of the Supers: A place inhabited by people with superpowers (Superheroes and Supervillains), Chronocity: A futuristic place inhabited by robots, the lands of Foragor : A world where knights and wizards fight against fierce trolls and ogres, the steampunk land of Sandlands: A place full of swindlers and beastly sandstorms, the underworld of Calloway: A place full of commerce and crime, Attma: A supposedly underwater world full of mermaids and sea monsters and the lovely and colorful world of Familand: A place full of fantastical creatures and talking animals.

In the citadel of the super is a team of superheroes known as Team X, formed by Tidal Lee: A mouthy and talkative boy of 18 years with super strength and indestructible armor, Yolo: A boy of 20 years serious and does not talk much, which has a large armor of powerful technology, Cristian Waid: A young 16 year old boy who is a spy and the brains of the team and Jose: A brave boy but with low self-esteem, who can turn into a dark creature of terror when he suffers anxiety or fear attacks. 

The team has not had a good time lately, as a former member of the team: Ferny, Cris' spy mentor and mercenary for hire, who was severely damaged by a supervillain, she lost his superpowers and his eye, and has disappeared without a trace. 

Team X attends a celebration at the super city commemorating the construction of an infinite power plant in collaboration with the inhabitants of Chronocity, but everything is canceled when a red fog surrounds the plant and it is evacuated, the police and a group of agents accompanied by superheroes manage to see a red entity inside, which minutes later is revealed as XanX, the ghost of a deceased superhero who seeks to warn the entire planet to evacuate, because an even more powerful entity is coming for him and for the leaders of the nations, who have survived since the beginning of Blockopolis thanks to extraterrestrial technology, all distrust XanX, because he had a history of traitor, until cracks in the ground appear all over the planet, releasing a hybrid human/demon, a dying young man named Abbadon, who proclaims himself king of hell.

Abbadon's father, King Maxilos was part of the war, as he was the leader of hell, a place located in the center of the earth, after the war, hell became the seventh kingdom, until power and the life of King Maxilos was maintained and grew thanks to stealing the souls of innocent people (which are materialized in small amulets). The leaders of the nations could not allow this, because Abbadon stole more and more souls without any control, and each time the population decreased, the only way that King Maxilos could maintain great power for many years was by taking the soul. of the most powerful human being (in terms of powers) on earth, this being XanX, but the latter refused, because he was the only hero who could stop the superior threats that other heroes could not, so the leaders decided to exile him King Maxilos and his people to hell and sealing the kingdom forever. Maxilos ended up dying and his son Abbadon now dies, being able to detect the supernatural presence of XanX, who was wandering in limbo after centuries, uses the little vital power he has left, manages to rise to the surface, reaching the citadel of the heroes.

Now, he comes face to face with XanX, Abbadon steals the souls of several citizens there to reestablish a bit of his power, he has a long fight with XanX, the latter losing as more and more Abbadon steals more souls, wanting to steal his own. for having caused the death of his father. Abbadon gets XanX's amulet and opens cracks in the planet's ground, releasing banshees and destroying demon soldiers, so he decides to go and take the souls of the leaders, who are hidden, but Abbadon can feel their presence, it is not until he is stopped by several heroes, including Team X, but Abbadon does not want to go for them yet, since he does not want to lose sight of the leaders, so he finds with difficulty the leader of the citadel of heroes: Jack Lee IV, but his abilities are somewhat worn out and he decides to surrender, believing that the other leaders are better suited for the job, allowing himself to be captured by Abbadon.

Team X intercepts Abbadon, but he does not care about them, so he decides to send his soldiers to kill them, the soldiers and the team fight on a bridge, the soldiers blow up the bridge, but Yolo saves the team and they fall into the bridge. water, and in fact, they take the amulets of other heroes, who were in the hands of the soldiers, but when they fall into the water, they are unconscious and lost.

Abbadon's soldiers inform him that the heroes have escaped with a large number of amulets, he becomes enraged and decides to take advantage of the existence of supervillains in the citadel to make a fun game that he himself will enjoy, he will offer a wish to whoever finds the team x, he decides not to send his soldiers, because that would be less entertaining for him.

Team X wakes up and finds themselves on a beach, Tidal suggests that they must return, but Jose does not want to, arguing that they must find a group of people who can help them stop Abbadon, in addition, he seems to know how to use the amulets and take advantage of their power, as I hear about them, but need help, so they must seek an occultist, located in Calloway.

However, they do not know where they are, Yolo uses a holographic map and they are close to Attma, so they could start there.

Upon reaching a giant metal pier, they are intercepted by royal guards, who interrogate the newcomers, since they do not have time to speak, as there is a demonic invasion in Attma and they must guard the entrance in case someone outside wants to enter.

.They manage to enter convincing the soldiers that they must help, and they manage to enter with bubble helmets to help in the battle. However, the leader is kidnapped by an Abbadon soldier and Team X is teleported to the Sandlands, where they find Fern and.

The rest of the story is unknown, the protagonist of the whole story is Jose, who would face Abbadon and had to overcome his fears and insecurities throughout the movie.

The final battle would consist of Jose and Abbadon, who would have obtained the souls of the leaders and those of Tidal, Yolo and Cris.

Why Was It Cancelled[]

A sequel was to be created, introducing 3 new members to the team: Rely, Ulises, and Bajan. Introducing Atrexx, an alien villain and the explanation of the vital technology of the leaders and the fate of Stan's missing sister, who was his mother figure, was going to be shown, but it was canceled, because TCOB wanted to pay homage to comics the superheroes he loves so much, a movie with touches of classic marvel and dc comics from the 60s and 80s and with an emotional message. So this version was discarded, but it could be re-released as a What-If (A story that takes place in another universe)

TCOB had in mind to start animating the film, but began to do the designs, in this process it was when he changed his mind about his vision of the film


  • The film had been scrapped, but a reboot is planned, with new characters and a more classic and cliche story, but with a comic feel.
  • This new version is currently in development, it is unknown if it will come out or not, and is unknown too if is going to be a comic or a movie, but at the moment it is in the script phase, the released date is unknown