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Black The Ripper is an alleged unreleased crime horror film that was supposed to be released sometime around 1974. The movie was a genre take on the rapper "Jack The Ripper" story. It is thought that Frank Saletri may have been the director. Due to the extremely rare hard to find footage of the film's existence, it cannot be confirmed if it finished production or was ever set for a theatrical release.


When in a karate studio, a man named Mike is training some students, his mission is interrupted by a mysterious phone call from a stranger, the caller turns out to be a adult Mike knows, and the adult informs him that he will not be there as his sister was murdered, when Mike hear about this, he goes out to solve the mystery of the killer.


  • Hugh Van Putten as Mike

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. People who worked on the film it was simply was not thought worthy of preservation.
  2. It was hastily produced.


  • The film was permanently cancelled, and will likely never be released.