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Before the existence of the MCU, a Black Panther film was in the works around the early 1990s. The film was going to star Wesley Snipes, the director was either going to be directed by either Mario Van Peebles or John Singleton, and screenwriter Terry Hayes was signed on to write the script.


While there was no confirmed plot, Snipes discussed ideas with Singleton and Hayes.

Singleton's version: The film would have T'Challa's father convincing his son to join the Black Panther Party while having the advanced technology of Wakanda being excluded. Other than that, not much is known.

Haye's version: The film would be about a war in Wakanda breaking out and T'Challa would be place on a boat and shipped to an unknown country. Later on in the film, T'Challa would be attacked on an elavator and decides to head back to Wakanda. Other than that, not much is known.


Wesley Snipes As The Black Panther the 90s Version Cancelled Moveie

Due to being unable to find the right director and script, as well as not having enough money to replicate the advance Wakanda technology at the time, the film was cancelled.


  • The film was cancelled.
  • In 1998, Wesley Snipes would Play and star in Blade. instead
  • In 2016, Black Panther made its film debut in Captain America: Civil War, two years later in his own solo movie and later appeared in 2 Avengers films: Infinity War and Endgame. The MCU's Black Panther was played by the late Chadwick Boseman.