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The original version of Toy Story was written by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Docter by demand from Jeffery Katzenberg.


The plot is different from the 1995 film. But, according to Pixar, Woody was supposed to be the main villain abusing the other toys, including the newly-arrived Buzz Lightyear, until they rallied against him for disposing Buzz. This version was known as the infamous "Black Friday reel".

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Pixar, as well as test audiences and Disney executives, were not pleased by this demonstration of Woody, calling it too mean-spirited.
  2. Walt Disney Feature Animation president Peter Schneider immediately shut down production and the producers requested two weeks to make alterations and do the film they wanted to do.


  • The original version was permanently cancelled.
  • Pixar survived the shutdown by falling back on its existing television commercial business while the script was rewritten.
  • Disney and Pixar released the finalized version that we all know and love in 1995, and became a commercial success.
  • Woody has gone through epic character development to the final product. He went from a mean spirited abusive leader of the toys that no one would sympathize into a calm and understanding leader of the toys. While he still has his jerky nature from the original product, it has thankfully been toned down to understand jealousy that audience would get from their lives.
  • Although the original film has been discarded, the only scene that is available for viewing is the scene where Woody discards Buzz through the window, also known as the Black Friday Reel.



Toy story Black Friday reel November 19th 1993