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Bear and Friends: The Search for Sam was an American comedy action adventure film directed by Niko Lovett, serving as a sequel to Bear and Friends: The Movie and was based on the series of the same name. It would be produced by Gabriel Combs Movies and distributed by YouTube Originals. Gabriel Combs, Kadence Lovett, Niko Lovett, and Kamden Lovett would've reprised their roles from the television series and previous film.

The film was set to take place in Hawaii and follow Bear, Dog, and Unicorn as they travel there to rescue their friend Sam, who has gone missing since the events of the first movie. This time, however, they would team up with their archenemy Principal Steinbeck. The film was set to be released on December 3, 2021.


Seconds after the events of Bear and Friends: The Movie, the group celebrates their victory against Principal Steinbeck, who was arrested. Bear attempts to ask Sam out on the balcony, but ultimately gets too scared and doesn't do it. Sam instead reveals that she's going on a vacation to Hawaii for a week to celebrate the victory against Steinbeck. Bear decides to wait for her to come back to ask her out.

One year later, Sam hasn't returned from Hawaii, and Bear becomes increasingly worried. Dog and Unicorn tell him to calm down, but he refuses. He receives a text message from Sam, revealing that she was kidnapped by a mysterious figure and needs help. Bear purchases a ticket to Hawaii to rescue her, but Dog and Unicorn ask to come along, and Bear agrees on the condition that they don't treat it like the vacation they've always wanted. The three board the airplane.

Meanwhile, Principal Steinbeck digs a tunnel to escape the prison and ends up falling into a sewer, which sends him tumbling to Hawaii. He decides to go into hiding as he discovers that Bear, Dog, and Unicorn purchased tickets to show up. Bear, Dog, and Unicorn arrive. While Bear is intent on beginning his search immediately, Dog and Unicorn travel to the beach and start trying to learn how to surf, upsetting Bear. He agrees with them to have one day off since they are in Hawaii. Unicorn surfs perfectly due to her magic powers, but Dog's surfboard breaks, sending him floating off into the water towards sharks. Unicorn and Bear rescue him just in time as Niko Lovett arrives and fights off the shark.

To be continued. (This isn't the ending I will just add more later.)


  • Gabriel Combs as:
    • Bear, the main protagonist. He is the best friend of Dog and Unicorn who travels to Hawaii to rescue Sam.
    • Dog, the boyfriend of Unicorn who joins Bear on his journey, mainly treating it as a vacation.
    • Principal Steinbeck, the maniac principal of Unicorn's school who escaped prison after the events of the first film.
  • Kadence Lovett as Unicorn, the girlfriend of Dog who joins them on the journey to have fun.
  • Lennon Richardson as Joe, the main antagonist. He is an evil meerkat who kidnaps Sam in an attempt to sacrifice her to the gods of the island.
  • Kamden Lovett as Sam, the love interest of Bear who is kidnapped during her vacation to Hawaii.
    • Lovett also portrays Jillary, the supposed daughter of Hillary Clinton, in a cameo appearance.
  • Niko Lovett as Fred the Flamingo, an Australian flamingo who hates everyone.
    • Lovett also portrays a fictionalized version of himself in a cameo appearance.


The film was announced in February 2021 and was set to begin filming in Hawaii during the summer, but the film was ultimately canceled due to a small budget. The film was instead replaced with Bear and Friends: A New Adventure.

Reasons for cancellation[]

  • Small budget