Battlefield Earth 2 is a proposed sequel to the 2000 Razzie-Award winning film Battlefield Earth. The film was first scheduled for a 2002 release, but was extended for a 2003 release, before being cancelled due to the failure of Battlefield Earth.


Johnnie Goodboy Tyler and the rest of the humans would be facing life after the Psychloes were defeated.


  • Barry Pepper as Johnny Goodboy Tyler

Rest of cast unknown

Why It Was Cancelled

  • The first Battlefield Earth film was panned by both critics and audiences, failed at the box office and Franchise Pictures, the company that co-distributed the film went out of business. It was also cancelled since Franchise Pictures made a number of other failures including 3000 Miles to Graceland, Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, Half Past Dead and Feardotcom.
  • The first film also killed the reputation of the Battlefield Earth franchise. There were also plans to produce 13 one-hour animated television segments based on the book and rendered in a manga style. However, the segments were also cancelled.


  • The film was never made due to the failure of the stand alone film and the bankruptcy of Franchise Pictures.


  • This would have been the second sequel to a film produced by Franchise Pictures. However, the only sequel made by Franchise Pictures was The Whole Ten Yards.
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