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BFDI Movie was a planned movie based on the 2010 object show Battle for Dream island, It was sadly Cancelled on June 14, 2022.


The events take place after TPOT, the cast are enjoying their time, when something seems to be lurking in the forest, the cast goes to the search on what it is, the world becoming more chaotic. Everything seems to be turning evil, but the cast finally finds out what the source of all the evil is; Evil Leafy. The cast has an intense battle against Evil Leafy, and the cast comes out victorious, the world turns back to normal and everything and everyone can go back to their normal lives.

Why it was Cancelled[]

  1. As of June 29, 2021, Sharp announced the cancellation of the film along with Magic Roundabout movie remake project because he doesn't want to get arrested for copyright infringement and plagiarism and has been quickly replaced with his version of Richard Williams' unfinished animated film, The Thief and the Cobbler.
  2. Jacknjellify, along with Warner Bros., pulled a prank on the fans, Fake Posters, Trailers were posted that the movie was officially cancelled, and that there won't be anymore progress done on the movie. The next day on April 2nd, jacknjellify revealed that the announcement was fake and that it was a part of an April Fools' joke.


After the movie was announced, fans of the series were very hyped about the movie, most of them thinking that the movie will end up very good, while a very small majority thinks that it will be a failure.

  1. BFDI and #BFDIMovie was trending on twitter a week after the movie announcement. It was very clear the fans were very excited and made all sorts of posts, such as predicting the full lore of the movie. BFDI fans on YouTube also started posting movie-related videos and community posts. These were only a few examples as bfdi fans shared the news all across the internet.

During the April 1st prank, the fans were extremely afraid. "All that anticipation and hype, everything wiped away." said one of the many commenters on the prank video. But on April 2nd, when jacknjellify said that the announcement was just a joke and it's not real. The movie is stil in production. It was a huge relief.


  • The Film was officially Cancelled
  • It’s unknown if they will make a BFB or TPOT film
  • Due BFDI The Movie’s Cancellation, That Means There was no Studiocanal Animated Movie released on 2022.