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Barbie as The Sleeping Beauty

CD-Rom cover from 1999

Barbie as The Sleeping Beauty has alleged to be either the first CGI film, or the 16th CGI film in the Barbie film series and would've adapted the third installment of Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty ballet into a Barbie film. It was supposed to be in place of either Barbie in the Nutcracker, predating it by a year, or Barbie and The Musketeers, which was announced in 2008 by Mattel and was released on September 15th 2009.

The movie has never been officially confirmed by Mattel, existence of the film is highly possible, but is still speculative.

Dolls and a CD-ROM exist for the 1999 Barbie Sleeping Beauty doll line, but was not tagged to be a tie-in to any film. Though surfaced clips also used in the commercial could possibly be from a movie, and has been released as a short film to YouTube

Playsets and dolls do exist for a 2007-2008 release, but none were tagged to be tie-ins to any film, but can collaborate the idea of the movie.

Barbie® as Sleeping Beauty Tower Bedroom Playset - 2008

Sleeping Beauty Doll and Castle - 2007

Barbie® As Sleeping Beauty Musical Slumber™ Playset -2007

Sleeping Beauty Doll and Royal Horse and Carriage -2007


Nothing is known of the plot, as the movie never went into production.

As it would be based off the Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty, it would follow a similar storyline.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  • Disney currently has a trademark application pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, filed in March 13, 2007, for the name "Princess Aurora" that would cover all live and recorded movie, television, radio, stage, computer, Internet, news and photographic entertainment uses, except literature works of fiction and nonfiction, this caused controversy because "Princess Aurora" is also the name of the lead character in Tchaikovsky's ballet version of the story, from which Disney acquired some of the music for its animated 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. The move also could sink any movie about the ballet or that uses a scene of the ballet in another movie. This has caused Mattel to abandon and cancel Barbie as The Sleeping Beauty movie production.


  • The film has never seen the light of day, and may never be released.