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Originally comedian Amy Schumer would be playing the role of Barbie in the barbie movie but she left the product due to disinterest. This version of the movie was written by Kim Caramele, and the movie was originally being directed by Hilary Winston Before Greta Gerwig took over the movie.

The film was also meant to be PG unlike the Warner Bros. version, which is PG-13.


it is unknown what the plot would’ve been.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  • The movie was cancelled due to creative differences.


  • This version of the Barbie movie is permanently cancelled.
  • The Barbie movie would later be released in July 21, 2023 under the Warner Bros company. but instead of Amy Schumer The character of Barbie was portrayed by Margot Robbie. And instead of Hilary Winston directing the movie, she was replaced by Greta Gerwig.