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Jennifer Aniston was originally cast to voice Maddie.

Note: Do not mention the fact that "Isla Fisher now voices Maddie" because this was before Isla FIsher was even casted as the inland taipan character.

Before Isla Fisher was cast in Back To The Outback, Jennifer Aniston was planned to originally become Maddie's voice.


Jennifer Aniston was originally going to be cast for Maddie, but this version was scrapped.


The plot would be basically the same as the 2021 Netflix film.

Why Jennifer Aniston Was Took Off From The Role[]

  1. Harry Cripps only cancelled this idea because he thought Isla Fisher was a better fit for the role as Isla has a more calm voice.
  2. It would be more authentic for an Australian actress to play the role.


  • Isla Fisher later replaced Jennifer Aniston as the voice of Maddie.
  • Back To The Outback was released without Jennifer Aniston starring.
  • The Jennifer Aniston version was permanently cancelled.


  • In Jennifer Aniston's version, Maddie would of had a more pubertic voice, instead of the one she holds today by Isla Fisher.
  • Besides Jennifer Aniston. Jodi Benson, Sarah Vowell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessalyn Gilsig, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, Rebecca Romijn, Marcia Cross, Joan Cusack, and Meg Ryan were all considered to voice Maddie before Isla Fisher was cast.
  • It would have been Jennifer Anniston's third animated film and first non-Warner Brothers animated film after The Iron Giant (1999) and Storks (2016).