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In November 2002, DreamWorks had signed up a deal with Metro3D to produce their first film with Vertigo Entertainment to produce a computer animated film adaption of their videogame of the same name from Asylum VFX. It started production in early 2003 and the release was set for May 19, 2006, but got canceled due to Metro3D's closure on May 9, 2004, and the project got replaced with Over the Hedge.


The plot begins in May 19, 2106 when Earth was destroyed by the unfathomable Armada, an army of 15 ft aliens who had no purpose. The humans had left the planet just in time to move to Mars. 10,000 Years later, on May 19, 12,106, several thousand galaxy soldiers team up as Galaxy General Ridgeway leads their destiny to defeat the Armada and save the world.