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In 2021, it was announced that Netflix Animation would be making a feature-lengthed film based off the 2020 book Antiracist Baby by author and illustrator Ibram X. Kendi.


The plot is simply set as "a film that proposes small steps to discussing racism, with the ultimate goal of teaching children to be antiracist".

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. Ashley Lukashevsky said it was mainly cancelled due to "creative differences".
  2. Netflix Animation had a massive decline in subscribers, with 200,000 people cancelling their subscriptions and the loss of 2% of their workforce. Which led LOTS of upcoming animation series' and films getting cancelled at the studio.
  3. Kendi himself has generated controversy for past statements about white people. These included him branding republicans for the "party of white supremacy", he wrote that GOP has used "dog whistles" to brand itself as the "party of parents" as a myth, claimed "harbor white supremacists" despite them leading the "greatest domestic terrorist threat of the time" with the Jan. 6 at the capitol, and even made fun of Amy Coney Barrett for being a white colonizer to Supreme Court Justice who used her two adopted white Haitian children as "props" in lifelong denials.


  • The film was permanently cancelled.
  • Other Netflix projects, such as an animated show for the fantasy dragon book series Wings of Fire and a film based off the Adam Kline book With Kind Regards From Kindergarten were cancelled the same day this film was cancelled.