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American Dog

The film’s logo.

American Dog is a Disney film written and directed by Chris Sanders and was supposed to be released in 2007.


A dog named Henry stars in his own show where he's a secret agent. While he was in his show, something goes wrong and Henry blacks out. He then wakes up into Nevada desert, 2,000 miles away from his home. Its up to Henry and some friends, including a one eyed cat with a eyepatch and a large rabbit along the way to either make it back home, or find a new one.

Why It Was Cancelled[]

  1. It was considered too bizarre and too surreal for children.
  2. Chris Sanders was kicked out the team during the film’s production.


  • The film was reworked into the 2008 Disney film Bolt.
  • Disney member Chris Sanders left Disney completely and joined DreamWorks to direct the 2010 film How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Chris Sanders reused the eyepatch-wearing cat in his webcomic, Kiskaloo.


Some early footage from Bolt's original incarnation was uploaded by Jaimie Keller on April 26, 2021.