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Amarillo Armadillo, a comedic adventure written by Robert S. Kahn, follows an unlikely trio across 1920’s Texas in a humorous battle against Man and Mother Nature. Our story follows Montie, a hapless, ne’er-do-well British oil prospector, Oliver, a love-struck armadillo and Uriah, a cynical horned-toad as they attempt to find and rescue one of their own – Oliver’s true-love Arabella. In a roller-coaster ride of danger, near misses, and utter confusion, they face some of the wackiest characters to ever come out of Texas. Their adventure allows Montie & friends to conquer fears and obstacles none could have faced alone and, in the end, discover the true value of courage, friendship, and love.

Exodus Film Group announced the addition of two new projects in the studio’s lineup: The Hero of Color City and Amarillo Armadillo. The two new projects come as a response to the industry buzz surrounding Exodus’ first CGI film Igor, which is still in production and scheduled for a 2007 theatrical release. All three films came from Exodus’ $50 million film fund.

“We’re excited about moving forward with an all-animated film fund” said Exodus’ President John D. Eraklis. “In addition to the box office potential of these films, we believe that the licensing and merchandising aspect of our animation properties will be among their greatest strengths, and we fully intend to take advantage of these properties’ exceptionally well-suited presence in the ancillary market.”

“We’re very fortunate to have discovered these two additional animated projects,” added Howard. “Our focus continues to be about original, imaginative stories with clever writing and we’ve definitely found that with these projects.”

In addition to executive producing Igor, Howard is also producing the CG-animated/live action feature Pavlov’s Dog, a co-production between Howard’s Melwood Pictures and Exodus.

Kahn has worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years: first as an agent, then in the cable industry and now a writer. He has sold and optioned numerous projects over the last several years and co-produced the award-winning short film An Eye For Talent.