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The original version of Alpha And Omega was discarded in 2009 during the film's development. It is unknown if the scene was a deleted scene from a original version of the film or even possibly from the cancelled Alpha And Omega 2.


This is the deleted version of Alpha And Omega, showing Kate and Humphrey walking around. They look older, more detailed, possess different voices, and have longer hair. Here, Humphrey asks Kate to howl at the moon with him which is a full moon. Kate says that she has better things to do. So, Humphrey asks what other things could she be doing at the moment. She then listed a bunch of stuff including Tracking Caribou, Checking The Borders, Survival Class for the pups, and before she could go any further, Humphrey jumps in front and interrupts her, saying "Boring! You so need some fun!".

Kate just ignores that and continues to walk. He then thought up an idea, he faces to the moon and starts to howl, making Kate's fur stick up and look back with a smile. He continues his howling on the log but lost balance and fell into the ravine, scaring Kate a bit, she responds “Humphrey?” to check it he’s alive. Then she comes over to check and he replies that if he's okay. And with that, she comments "That was fun" and walks off. Humphrey responds with "...I meant to do that!" but remains lying there.


The deleted scene from the original version of Alpha And Omega was uploaded on YouTube by Rox Fox on February 15, 2011.

Why This Version Was Cancelled[]

  1. The cancellation reasons are unknown, but it's likely this version was forgotten because the character's designs looked too teenager like.


  • The original version of Alpha And Omega was permanently cancelled.
  • Alpha And Omega released in 2010 with a completely different art style and was a big box office flop.


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