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Alley of Dreams

Alley of Dreams (or in spanish El Callejón de los Sueños) it was to be an American-Mexican film made in mocap animation, produced between Imagination Films and Bashin Studios, distributed by Fantastic Films International and directed by Ricardo Goméz.


During World War II, Henry and Jeanette decide to send their children, Charles and Wilbour, to New York with a family member. However the children get lost and end up living in an alley with strange characters that teach them how to beat the dangers of the streets, the orphanage, the evil Craine and the horrifying Kid Catchers. The cold winter arrives and Christmas will give them the best present.

Why Was It Cancelled?[]

  • The reasons for its cancellation are unknown.
    • But assuming they were going to release it in 2012, the year in which Imagination Films released their first feature film Zbaw and which went unnoticed by the public (due to its lack of promotion, criticism for its quality of animation and story), the producers decided not to release it at least for a while.
    • However, little by little the production of the mocap animated films declined to the point where they were no longer profitable, which is why the film was never released commercially.


  • Imagination Films worked in co-production with Nahuala Films and Clustertim to make the movie "K9 World Cup".
  • The trailer is available on the Fantastic Films YouTube channel.