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Alienology cover

In October 2012, it was reported that Carlos Saldanha, the director of the Ice Age and Rio films, was developing for 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios an animated feature film based on Alienology: The Complete Book of Extraterrestrials


The plot would've been the same as the book.

Why It Was Cancelled[]



  • The Alienology film was cancelled forever.
  • As of 2018, it was announced that Paramount Pictures is in the process of developing a film franchise centered around all 13 Ology books, by setting up a writer's room currently consisting of Jeff Pinkner, Michael Chabon, Lindsey Beer, Joe Robert Cole, Nicole Perlman and Christina Hodson. The vision for the franchise is the hope that each of the writers will embrace the books by working with visual artists to create treatments that will eventually evolve into seven movie scripts with interconnected stories. Paramount also announced that Akiva Goldsman will act as overseer and producer of the franchise.