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Ivan and Abdul

Abdul Abulbul Amir was a planned short film from Disney, based on the 1877 music hall song of the same name that would have been released in 1939.


The story of two valiant heroes, a Russian, Ivan Skavinsky Skavar, and one of the Shah's mamelukes, Abdul Abulbul Amir, who, because of their pride, end up in a fight and kill each other.

Why It Was Cancelled[]



  • The song was adapted in 1941 into an MGM cartoon, Abdul the Bulbul-Ameer, with Fred Quimby producing and direction by Hugh Harman. Voice acting for the nine-minute cartoon was provided by Johnny Murray, Harry Stanton, Leon Belasco and Hans Conried, while Frank Crumit wrote new lyrics. It features caricatures of Groucho Marx, Lou Costello and Al Ritz as news reporters.